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Environmental Study & Analysis

There is a particular responsibility to the environment in the urbanizing world, as increasingly scarce clean water and warming temperatures pose a rising challenge to basic habitability. So we are a purpose-led firm, embracing the challenge to alter the culture of development from doing well – to doing well, while doing good.

Our sustainability professionals draw from a diverse range of planning, analysis, technology and public policy disciplines, to balance the economic and ecological considerations of development.

Informed by research we improve the management of project lifecycles – from project identification, site selection, feasibility, design and construction, to facilities management and commissioning. And with this research we are uniquely able to demonstrate quantifiable improvement in performance over baseline projects.

Our sustainability conversation doesn’t stop at conservation. designmade is advancing standards for public safety, commercial standards, public policy and process so that people in a rapidly urbanizing, modernizing and expanding world can live more agreeably with each other, and the environment.

Our Sustainability & Environmental Services capabilities include

Environmental Management Services

  • Ecology & Habitat Management

Building Physics

  • Thermal Analysis

  • Sun path Analysis

  • Wind Analysis

  • Micro climate & Passive Design Modelling

  • Indoor Environmental Quality Studies

           Thermal Analysis                                             Sun Path Analysis                                                Wind Analysis               

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